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This is a space where it’s okay to not have it all figured out… and drink large amounts of iced coffee in your pajamas. I have been working with tarot since the age of 16 and have worked professionally with it for the last seven years. Tarot is a wonderful sounding board, adviser, insight collector, and tool to create lasting and meaningful change.  It continues to surprise me at how accurately the cards depict moments in our personal lives. Here on this site you will find my personal blog, free gifts, books, and reading offers. Take some time to explore. 

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That which you wish for, wishes for you. And the entire universe wishes it, too.

Before we go any further, please meet my partner in crime, Alice. She’s a French Bulldog x Boston Terrier. Her favourite show is currently “The Good Doctor”, and she likes to steal body heat from anyone who will let her. Her nickname is Dobby the elf because even though she has hundreds of toys she will always steal your socks.

Tarot as a tool for change. Yes, beauties I am a tarot lover. My great grandmother read tarot, my grandmother read tarot, and now I have immersed myself into the art of tarot. My readings are a bit different than your average reading. I do not believe in concrete futures, but I do believe in creating your own destiny.

Tarot is like a book, a book of ones life, a book of the universe. When you read it properly a whole world of possibilities are laid out before you.

It is my deepest passion to share the art of tarot with you, and to have wonderful chats about it while sipping a coffee. I offer personal tarot readings and you can find more information on my policies and ethics as well as book a reading.

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Stay a while and explore. There’s a lot of free products for you to enjoy, and ways for us to connect further. Would love to hear from you so be sure to reach out.

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